Veseli Hrvati

The Veseli Hrvati started back in 1981 under the direction of the late Joe Loncarich and the leadership of Mira Belan.  The group enjoyed years of success performing throughout Canada, United States and Croatia.  It was during these years that the members of the group developed their love and passion for Croatian Music.  When the group ended as a junior group, they finished on a high note with their final banquet as many of the members left the area to attend school, pursue their careers and some to start families of their own.

10 years after the final concert, Mira Belan got in touch with the past members and got everyone back together for a reunion concert. This reunion sparked a renewed interest with some of the members and they decided to start an Adult Tambura group maintaining the original name “Veseli Hrvati” under the direction of Randy Zdelar

The adult group has many of the original members as well as some welcomed additions.  The Veseli Hrvati are grateful to the Croatian National Home, the CFU Lodge 617 and their families for all the support they have received over the past years.

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